Promoting international exchanges
Sister Cities New Zealand (SCNZ) is a volunteer national organisation, bringing together
associations throughout New Zealand including kindred organisations, voluntary, local-body and governmental groups, individuals, cultural, sporting, educational and trade  groups involved in people-to-people contact between countries and cultures.

Sister Cities New Zealand aims to assist members to:

  • increase global co-operation at a local level
  • promote cultural understanding
  • stimulate economic development
  • foster a citizens’ network of organisations and individuals, devoted to creating and strengthening partnerships between New Zealand and international communities.

These contacts have been calculated to be worth in excess of $50 million a year in tourism and cultural exchange dollars alone. The sister cities concept covers a multiplicity of exchanges including: ideas, people, cultural, educational, youth, sports, municipal, professional and technical.
SCNZ facilitates delivery of an annual conference where quality exchanges are exemplified, ideas swapped, projects discussed and where speakers can inspire.
Additionally, the work of SCNZ supports members through an effective website, encourages and assists locally-driven workshops, retains good relationships with sponsors, supporters and overseas interest and disseminates useful information to its members mainly through its regular newsletters.
Becoming a member of SCNZ
SCNZ believes there are benefits to all cities, towns and regions with sister city and/ or
friendship relations to become members as well as their allied community associations and interested individuals. As such, the Board has endeavoured to keep fees as low as possible and maintain a sliding scale of fees depending on population size of your city, town or region.
Members also qualify for a reduced fee at the annual conference and have voting rights at the AGM, and are eligible for entry to the Sister City New Zealand Awards.

Fees are (including GST):
Councils (city and regional]
A: 0 – 20,000 $345.00
B: 20,001 – 50,000 $517.50
C: 50,0001 – 80,000 $690.00
D: 80,001 – 130,000 $747.50
E: 130,001 – 200,000 $862.50
F: 200,001 – 350,000 $1,035.00
G: 350,001 – 500,000 $1,380.00
H: 500,001 + $2449.50

Corporate $345.00
Schools $86.25
Community Organisations $86.25
Individual/family $28.75

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