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Sister Cities New Zealand – Statement on Coronavirus Outbreak

Sister Cities New Zealand would like to express our sincerest condolences to the city and people of Wuhan, and to all of New Zealand’s other Sister Cities in China, during the difficulties presented by the coronavirus outbreak.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the outbreak and commend authorities working together to address the serious health challenges which have merged. We respect China’s timely response in containing the contagion and the transparency of the process. Being part of the sister city community, it is our responsibility to reach out to love them and support them in any way we can.

International ties between New Zealand and China, have brought many cultural and economic benefits to all parties. We look forward to seeing these Sister City ties continue to develop in the future.
-Board of Sister Cities New Zealand


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NZIER Report: From Sister to Global Cities, by James Hogan

The NZIER report and presentation to Sister Cities New Zealand, titled “From Sister to Global Cities” by James Hogan, was officially launched at our 2019 Conference! The report describes the economic benefits of sister city relationships, covering both the positive experiences of such relationships, as well as the potential bottlenecks to progress the process may entail.

Download the summary HERE.

You can also read the full version on their website HERE.


Ready to deal with virus

 Ashburton mayor Neil Brown says the district’s businesses could soon feel the impact of coronavirus as supply chains that rely on imported product from China are disrupted.
He said the Ashburton District Council was keeping a watching brief on the economic and health impacts of the disease, which is now widespread outside mainland China.
Mr Brown was unsure if the virus would impact those travelling to the Sister Cities conference in Ashburton at the end of April. Invitations had been sent to people in China, where Ashburton and other New Zealand towns maintained sister city relationships.
Read the full article here: Otago Daily Times

The next generation is learning about Asia in different ways

OPINION: I was treated to a screening of a darkly-comedic, slightly unsettling, Korean film called Parasite last week. It was a commentary on the country’s class divide, and for those not familiar with Korea, an insight into the complexities of modern-day Korea.
Don’t worry, I haven’t decided to use this column to review a film I like (though you should watch it if you have a chance).
Rather, I want to point out how fantastic it is that New Zealand audiences can glean cultural insights like this from a comfy seat in a Wellington movie theatre.
Read the full article here: Stuff.co.nz

Getting strategic about New Zealand’s sister cities

OPINION: There’s change in the air at this year’s local body elections. Usually about as exciting as watching paint dry, this term there seems to be increased attention being paid to who will take up the mayoral chains and council seats.
Read the full article here: Stuff.co.nz

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