Sister Cities New Zealand - Promoting people to people exchanges

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Looking for new Sister Cities?

We have expressions of interest from many quarters for sister-city relationships or people-to-people contact.

Countries with cities, towns, villages wishing to further relationships with New Zealand are listed below.

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Nearly every member of your community, young or old, belongs to some kind of organisation. Nearly every one has a hobby, goes to school, belongs to a service or professional group, works in business or industry, or volunteers time in any number of local organisations which can be linked to counterparts in another country – all within the framework of the sister cities movement. Friendship, even on an international scale, begins with two people. If you hope to begin an exchange with one of these cities, or need more information about them, please contact Sister Cities NZ.

Just e-mail the National Office for more information.

Note: Some of these communities may already be in negotiation with people in New Zealand. If you are aware of progressing discussions, we would love to hear about them.